Counseling for children

Alo Bushavko provides support and counseling to children and youth. Counselors establish a trust-based relationship so that children or young people can share their emotions, needs, problems, learn about their rights, or seek advice or help.

Counseling for adults

AloBushavko, provides support and counseling to parents, guardians and teachers who address an issue related to dealing with situations in which children and young people are affected, offer emotional support and refer them to an appropriate institution or organization.


Who are the people you can share and talk to about anything you want?

You must be wondering who he or she is who will answer your chat if you write or will answer the phone if you ring!

Who are we?

We are a diverse group of volunteers, but we have a lot in common:

We want to work with children and young people!

When we touch your heart with any of our advice or text or action, we radiate stronger than the sun

We are here for everyone who wants to talk to us, anytime!

We rejoice when we see that every child and young person has equal opportunities to develop into a happy and satisfied person!

We will help you !!!

We will help you if you are in crisis, or have a question or problem, feel free to express your problem.

Then, through the conversation, we will help you to see the problem from another aspect and together we will try to find a solution.

We always understand your feelings.


Involvement of other parties

If we can not help you alone, we will give you information that can help better. We will tell you where and how to contact the appropriate institution, professional service or organization that could help you.

If necessary we may involve the parents / guardians, or the competent institutions and local authorities to find the best solution.



Volunteers have always been part of this service. Volunteers are active in every society in the world and are valued everywhere. They help, teach, build, advocate, support, donate, lobby, guide, monitor, and in many other ways help other people and communities.

Volunteers are a driving force of civil society. They are a person who gives their free time, their skills and knowledge in the interest of another person, organization or community, without direct personal interest, on a voluntary basis and without financial or other personal gain.